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REDUX the electric chair reporter...

Dernière mise à jour : 19 juin

this looks like a strange title... what does that mean ?

The camera is the REDUX made in France by G. FOURNIER in 1927. It use 4,5x6cm glass plates, so, yes, it is a small camera

As it is a small camera, Tom HOWARD, a reporter/photographer at New York Daily News had the idea to fix it strapped to his ankle underneath his trousers. This stratagem allowed him to surreptitiously shot one (camera was loaded with a single glass plate) and only one picture at the Ruth Snyder execution in January 12 1928.

Ruth Snyder was the second woman to be executed at Sing Sing penitentiary in the electric chair (after she killed her husband) and the third woman executed in whole New York state

This is a very rare and highly collectible camera despite the event for which its name is known today...

This item is not more available.

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