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LE PASCAL first motorized camera ?

LE PASCAL was patented in 1899 by PASCAL & IZERABLE that could then be the first motorized camera (spring motor).

François PASCAL worked in the technical school of La Martinière in Lyon, then he certainly met LUMIERE brothers, BOULADE brothers and Victor PLANCHON who were all in business related to photography in Lyon at that time.

The box was patented in March 1899 by PASCAL and IZERABLE

The box was built by the company JAPY a French watches and typewriters manufacturer.

This is probably the very first variant with folding back (later cames with a back shaped as a "U" made of metal

Special film made by PLANCHON had to be used, making 40x55mm pictures.

Stereo use was easy (because of motor winding) making two consecutive shots using one leg as tripod, then shifting to the other one. i will post (asap) original samples of these shots made with that camera.

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