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KOOKIE KAMERA really weird steampunk camera

...what does this big box contain ?...

lets see what's in, pipe, tank, hand holding an old saucepan, to(y)mato soup can, something looking like a camera from far :-) and a cartridge loaded with photographic paper...

trying to assemble,

done !

that's now ac.30cm high strange real camera that is working.

It used direct positive paper that get down to the black tank to be developed !

it came with several cardboards colored costume accessories as glasses, ears, nose, hat, sheriff star..

and crazy funny decors to shoot with...

the box advertise a " RIDICULOUS THING from IDEAL" :-)

The Kookie Camera was made by the Ideal Toy Corporation, of Hollis, New York, in c.1968

Have a look here to an extraordinary 1968 film advertising this incredible camera :-) (and don't forget to come back to visit my page after :-) )

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