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GOLDSTEIN Box cameras The GOLDY 6x9 box prototype parts for 6x9 box camera

Dernière mise à jour : 15 juil.

This is a rare set of letters and parts sent (and signed) by Mr Goldstein (owner of Etablissement GOLDY Cameras manufacturing in Paris) to a carpenter asking how much he would ask to make 20.000 pieces of wood work as shown on sample and schema. dated 1956 & 1957.

Blue Goldy

Green Goldy

Red Goldy

Here is a darker red Goldy without embossed name on faceplate

Brown Goldy

extremely rare cream/yellowish covered Goldy

This Goldy body called PHOT-OFFICE BOX II was made for the French reseller PHOT-OFFICE who sold photographic products in pharmacies/drugstores. Rare model.

This is a Goldy 6x9 box variant made of metal covered with leatherette and flash synch. (can also be found called GOLDY FLASH)

same model with original cardboard box

instruction sheet showing little creatures operating the camera :-)

Goldy box can also be found with several names as Camping, Champion, Rallye, Riviera, Sporting, Spring, Touring, Kid-box, Week-end and even with Brands names used as advertising/promotional item : Delespaul or Lanvin (chocolate) Caves Ste Marguerite (table wine)...


WEEK-END Goldy made of metal without covering

LANVIN Chocolat Promotional item (children had to collect enough points in chocolates' boxes to receive the camera) (2 variants)

CAVES STE MARGUERITE is a Goldy 6x9 box specially made for a French wine reseller

Very rare

here is an other uncommon GOLDY model OLYMPIC


This SPORTING variant has a black metal plate around shutter release instead of the usual decorative one.

SPORTING variant with a not smooth covering

SPORTING with DELESPAUL decal, promotional camera for the French chocolate manufacturer DELESPAUL.



This is a rare no named varoiant of GOLDY camera with embossed faceplate

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