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Fun Donald Duck car 35mm camera !

This cute Donald duck car is a 35mm camera that was used as promotional item by Nestlé in the 1990's

Rear and front part must be pull to open the camera and make the lens appear as well as a flash hotshoe.

From the back (of the camera) or bottom (of the car) we can see what is a very simple 35mm camera, with noisy film advance button. The shutter release is the round yellow piece on the right which is also the rim of the wheel.

Marking says in French "offert par Nestlé" which means gifted by Nestlé (one of the world biggest agro food trust).

Probably only a few number of that camera was ordered by Nestlé for French market, and as its public were young children, it is now hard to find one in good condition.

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