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EIKON OMEGA / OLBIA a name's history

The OMEGA camera was built in France in 1947. It's a simple twin lens camera made of bakelite (body) and metal (back and top cap).

The name of the camera OMEGA is embossed in the top cover of the camera. Quickly after the first advertisings (1947) showing the OMEGA camera, the Swiss owner of brand OMEGA Swatches asked to change the name as he would not be associated to such a poor quality material :-) and also certainly was the name patented.

Advertising dated 1949 shows the OLBIA which has no name on the top cover on the illustration

Adverting dated 1950 shows the OLBIA with the OLBIA name metal plate.

This is the OLBIA camera as found after OMEGA name was abandoned, with it's OLBIA metal plate.

On this same sample, we can see the original OMEGA name embossed which is covered by the now added OLBIA metal plate. This cannot be seen on all OLBIA, only a few that was made during the transition era.

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