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Discovering a photographer when looking at a stereoview

Today i was testing this wood stereoviewer :

this model allows to look at CDV / cabinet pictures and also stereoviews

Then i took by random a stereoview in my stock, which comes from a pack of 12 edited by PARIS STEREO "VUES DE FRANCE" sold by an old general store called LA SAMARITAINE in Paris

The scene was shot on the beach at Saint Malo (in the north coast of France) picture from serie n°203 (each serie came in a pack of 12 views) picturen°4250 , sold for 7,90F the pack in the 1900's, and when looking closely at this picture...

... surprise ! there is a photographer operating on the beach ! :-) was he working with the photographer that took the stereo picture or not ? that will stay a mystery :-)

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