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AGFA GEVAERT RAPID camera "demonstration set"

AGFA GEVAERT RAPID demonstration box with round edge looks like a curiosity...

Let's see what it does contain !

Well, that is an AGFA RAPID MODELL camera, the kind that uses RAPID film (film goes from a can to an empty one placed on the other side of the camera, then no need to rewind the film)

the box has a nice presentation and also contains 2 RAPID spools, 2 slides and 4 real pictures showing samples that can be shot by this camera

looking at the back shows how RAPID film runs into the camera...

and that, even without opening the back as it has been made of transparent material !

That's why it's a demonstration set, no way to shoot pictures with this camera, but you will not how the film moves inside just looking from closed back :-)

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